.CO speculators turn hand registered domains into quick profits, already

"Oprah Winfrey"
Oprah Winfrey's own moniker, is up for auction at Sedo. Oprah's official web site runs on The web address doesn't even resolve.

Many of the .co domain names registered in the last week were web addresses purchased by speculators in the quest for quick profits. 

The .co domain, which reportedly has over 366,000 domains registered to date, could prove to be lucrative.

No matter your opinion of the domain, everyone from Twitter to Mike Mann to Francois Carrillo have walked away with .co domains. 

.Co domains, like any new domain, are deemed by many to be risky, but that hasn’t stopped the swarm of speculators, who are quickly turning profits on websites like and Sedo.

The .co has only been available a short time after being released to the general public on July 20th, but Sedo and both have several current auctions with active bidding.

Active .co Auctions

Yesterday, I wrote about and the website’s active .CO auctions.  Now here’s a look at active .co Sedo auctions that have recently appeared online. – current bid $1,200 USD – current bid $2,500 USD – current bid $500 USD – current bid $187 USD

While these few names represent an infinitesimal fraction of the hundreds of thousands of domain names registered, the .co domain could revitalize sales for new domain investors who weren’t part of the .com landrush, which has had numerous rags-to-riches stories since the nineties.

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I am the owner of and I lost out on the sale of this name.  Although my domain was at auction for $500 on Sedo, they pulled it down due to a complaint.  Thanks Sedo!

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