Twitter’s domain licensed under the .CO Founders program, officially granted to Twitter (early)

Last June, Twitter joined the .CO Founders Program with the single letter domain, and the popular microblogging website  used over the past year as part of a service to protect users from harmful activity.    This week, Twitter was officially granted the domain name from the .CO … [Read more...]

GoDaddy’s .CO marketing blitz enjoys mainstream coverage by USAToday

The USAToday article by Kristena Hansen starts off, "While the ".net," ".org" and ".gov" Internet domains are growing in popularity among those launching new websites, none have come close to threatening the decades-long reign of ".com.   But the ".co" domain may be the hottest new Web address, one … [Read more...]

The .CO Domain King: Mike Mann of DomainMarket sells for $15,000

According to the "Recently Sold" section on GreatDomains, Mike Mann of DomainMarket who has sold premium .co domain names earlier in the year such as for $25,000, has sold another .co premium name, this time, for $15,000. There's a reason I like to call Mike Mann the .CO … [Read more...]

Submit your .CO website and find domains in use

Francois Carrillo's, a .co domain marketplace, is one of many websites listed on .CO Internet's directory of active .co domains.  .CO Internet SAS, which has been marketing its domain on many social media channels, has created an alphabetical directory of .co domains that are actively … [Read more...]

Top .CO Domain Sales of All Time

Currently ranked as the #1 .CO domain sale of all time, the single-letter domain was purchased for $350,000 by     In the company's press release, Overstock stated the company purchased the domain in order to enhance its'  "brand recognition and retention, align with current … [Read more...]

New Service by Domainers Aims to Rent, Not Sell Premium .CO Domains like,,

I discovered "Rent Your .Co" a brand new service for renting premium .co domain names.  I stumbled upon the website when I typed in into my web browser, and the web address re-directed me to The site's business model involves re-directing premium .co domains to websites … [Read more...]

.CO web registrations fast approaching the 400,000 mark

Sitting at 383,122 .CO web addresses registered to date, .CO is fast becoming a popular domain for speculators who have been gobbling up the web addresses since late July.  The record pace of registrations for a country code top level domain, that soon will be global thanks to Google, is grabbing … [Read more...]

.CO speculators turn hand registered domains into quick profits, already

Many of the .co domain names registered in the last week were web addresses purchased by speculators in the quest for quick profits.  The .co domain, which reportedly has over 366,000 domains registered to date, could prove to be lucrative. No matter your opinion of the domain, everyone from … [Read more...]

The .CO Domain King: Mike Mann of DomainMarket has 100+ .co domains, as much as $350K per name

Mike Berkens of TheDomains has been writing in recent days about Mike Mann and his domain portfolio listed for sale on his website at  The portfolio, includes names such as,,,, and literally thousands of other … [Read more...]

Domain Investor Elliot Silver could be the best marketing weapon in the .CO Arsenal

Already marketed by well-established online companies like GoDaddy ( and Twitter (, there is no doubt that the .co registry has done a better job marketing the domain to companies and individuals than any previous country-code top level domain. What sets apart .CO from other … [Read more...]