The .CO Domain King: Mike Mann of DomainMarket sells for $15,000


According to the “Recently Sold” section on GreatDomains, Mike Mann of DomainMarket who has sold premium .co domain names earlier in the year such as for $25,000, has sold another .co premium name, this time, for $15,000.

There’s a reason I like to call Mike Mann the .CO Domain King. 

He has one of the best .CO portfolios on the planet, if not the best, as Mike Berkens wrote in August.,,,,, and the list goes on and on.  

If you’re looking to buy one of these domain names, don’t expect to get them for $15,000 though.  

Most of the .co domains listed on the DomainMarket web site are listed in the five-figure and six-figure range. 

Take a look for yourself.

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Wow I think that is a bargain. He sold that way to cheap. After the superbowl your going to see a whole new respect for .co. It will become the 2nd most popular extension. If their could be first and half .co would be it.. .Just wait until after godaddy commercial

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