overtakes for entire 2010 according to Compete

Huge Domains

Maybe you’ve typed in a web address into your browser and landed on a “For Sale” page.  Or maybe in the past year you’ve typed in a domain name and landed on a “For Sale” page. 

Well, according to a rough estimate by Compete, more people are landing on HugeDomains’ “For Sale” pages than they are on “For Sale” pages on the web directory.

Last month alone, HugeDomains drew 44,000 more visitors than its competitor.  The marketplace that allows buyers to shop from over 200,000 domain names attracted 132,813 unique visitors while BuyDomains barely broke 88,000 visitors, despite the site featuring over 1.5 million names.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. 

As you can see by typing in a domain like, you’ll be re-directed to the sales page on the HugeDomains web site.  BuyDomains on the other hand, doesn’t re-direct domains, but rather features a prominent, text banner at the top of each landing page that reads something like: “The domain is for sale. To purchase, call at 781-839-7903 or 866-866-2700. Click here for more details.”

So while HugeDomains web site traffic has trumped BuyDomains for the entire 2010 year, you can bet the network traffic across 1.5 million domain names is significantly greater.  Still, the story of is still notable.

Back in May of this year, Mike Cohen wrote a story titled = the next, which for some including myself, was the first time hearing of HugeDomains.

Mike Cohen has some background on the site’s founder, Andrew Reberry.

Andrew Reberry’s company, got accredited as an ICANN registrar a little while ago as which is currently one of the top 60 largest registrars in the world. Now of course all of the domains registered there are their own… But that just goes to show you that this man is on a mission. Anybody who is running a huge operation like that should have his own registrar, plus it makes sense because you can save some nice cash. Guys like Kevin Ham and Frank Schilling have their own registrars as well.

According to the TurnCommerce website: “TurnCommerce is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado. The business was incorporated in August of 2003 and we have experienced triple digit growth numbers nearly every quarter since launch.”

In addition to running HugeDomains, the company also owns and operates a number of killer properties ranging from to

While it’s hard to find a lot of information on Andrew and his company, there’s likely a reason as Mike pointed out: “he [Andrew] is registering thousands of domains and making improvements. I tried to get the lowdown but the man kindly refused when asked for an interview. I guess he’s just not done yet and ready for the spotlight but really, the man has accomplished a lot in a very short period of time and should be recognized for that… It’s impressive for a thirty something year old self made businessman / entrepreneur. He’s now part of a very elite group of domainers.”