The first .com domain in the world turns 26-years-old Tuesday, March 15

This Tuesday the domain name will be 26-years-old.  While news of the anniversary isn't frontpage this week, last year at this time, was celebrating its 25th birthday and was the subject of much discussion.  News outlets ranging from Wired to BBC covered the … [Read more...]

GoDaddy’s .CO marketing blitz enjoys mainstream coverage by USAToday

The USAToday article by Kristena Hansen starts off, "While the ".net," ".org" and ".gov" Internet domains are growing in popularity among those launching new websites, none have come close to threatening the decades-long reign of ".com.   But the ".co" domain may be the hottest new Web address, one … [Read more...]

Kentucky internet gambling case: Court date scheduled for December 6

For those interested in the Kentucky internet gambling case that began in September 2008, in which the state of Kentucky tried seizing 141 domain names of gambling sites, a new court date has been scheduled for December 6, 2010.  As CasinoAdvisor reports: 'The case is back in the court of Judge … [Read more...]

Media giant Hearst Corporation acquires domain for $100,000

The news broke earlier this week on that the domain name sold for a whopping $100,000.  But until now, the new owners had remained a mystery.  Earlier the registrant records switched from Sedo over to Hearst Corporation, one of the nation's largest diversified … [Read more...]

German gaming portal Bigpoint acquires for $7,800 for its post apocalyptic third person shooter

Bigpoint, one the largest German gaming portals and one of the top 3 gaming portals worldwide, has acquired from Sedo GreatDomains for its post apocalyptic third person shooter called 'Ruined'. Bigpoint originally used the domain name for its site which debuted in … [Read more...]