What can $1 million buy in today’s Domain Market?


You better rethink your buying strategy if you were planning to buy Dating.com. The domain name in 2010 would cost $1.75 million.

In today’s challenging economy where jobs are being shed and unemployment is at a record high, spending your money can be a difficult decision. 

But despite the harsh economic climate that has prevented many companies and individuals from buying up domains, big price tags for domain names have returned in 2010, with the most expensive deal in 2010 valuating the gambling Domain Slots.com at $5.5 Million. 

The Slots.com purchase was made by Billionaire Calvin Ayre of Bodog Brand.

But the person with $1 million in their wallet who is ready to invest, couldn’t even afford to give Slots.com a moment’s consideration.

What could that money buy?

What’s astonishing is that $1 million wouldn’t get you very far in the Top 10 Domain Sales of 2010 according to the sales charts over at DNJournal. 

You could afford to acquire BoardGames.com and Poker.ca, leaving you with $150,000 in change, just enough to buy Cheesecake.com at $100,000 and GoFish.com for $50,000.  Or some combination thereof.

$1 million in the above scenario would get you: BoardGames.com, Poker.ca, Cheesecake.com and GoFish.com.

Or, you could also just buy one domain — Poker.org, yes .org, for $1 million and call it a day.

Depending on where your interest lies, that $1 million won’t go far.  It costs big money, after all, to build up a portfolio of category-killing domain names. 

The cost to do business in 2010 is not cheap if you’re on the buying side, but if you’re on the selling side, that’s where the money comes in.

If you had $1 million to spend on domain names, would you spend it on names already listed in DN Journal’s 2010 YTD Top 100 Sales Chart?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.