Frank Schilling scores with

Pizza BurgerIt’s interesting how many different types of domain names Frank Schilling owns. 

I’ve come across NA Media landing pages often when typing a web address directly into my browser.   It seems like you can’t stumble too far on the internet without encountering one of the hundreds of thousands of domains owned by Frank Schilling.

While doing some research on the story posted before, I stumbled across the news of Burger King showcasing their latest menu addition: The NY Pizza Burger.  

The Pizza Burger will be unveiled  at the WHOPPER(R) Bar location in Times Square that is opening in early September.

BK not too interested in domains off it’s menu

As many companies do, Burger King announced the news without actually owning the domain. is owned by none other than Frank Schilling.  Not that owning a food product domain by a company like BK is all that important, especially considering that each slice of the pizza burger packs more grams of fat and calories than a regular burger.

In fact, many of the items on the BK’s menu aren’t even owned by BK, or for that matter registered.  At the time of this story,,, even aren’t registered.

The point is, it’s really amazing not only the number of domains owned by Frank Schilling, but the variety.