Becomes Idealab to include Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks


What will be the fate of as a domain, is anyone's guess. But with the number of incubator companies and projects that Bill Gross is involved in, it wouldn't be surprising to see be built into something else.

Bill Gross and Idealab have been busy making changes to, a domain name the company acquired in March 2010 for an undisclosed amount. 

Today, Idealab announced that was changing the company’s name to, a domain name purchased on Sedo for $14,900 in early May following the launch of 

Idealab Doesn’t Pigeonhole their Business

The switch is more than just a name change.  Postup will include not only the best of Twitter, but it will also include the best of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Since the acquisition of the domain name, the URL forwarded to Idealab’s home page. 

But over the past few days, the name stopped resolving altogether, before today when the company announced Tweetup is now Postup.

We regularly monitor certain domain names, both for stories and relevance, and has been on the list for months.  Because we own, tracking the progress of has been of interest.  We were also the first website to report on the acquisition of by Idealab.  In March, we received several substantial offers suddenly on our internet property which we had acquired on the aftermarket in 2009.  The influx of offers made us curious to see what other Tweetup-related domain owners were up to, and when we typed in, the URL redirected us to Perfect Market, a company of Idealab that helps publishers create value from their online content.

The domain name sold on SnapNames in 2006 for $3,600 – so it was a decent return for the seller, who had an inkling the name would be worth something more someday.  And it’s certain to be worth a whole lot more with a business model behind it.   

Oddly enough, our story in May has a mocked up picture of, that looks a lot like the site you see online today.   While we mistakingly guessed PostUp would be used for a “Best of Blog” search platform, Idealab has taken it much further, with the inclusion of several popular social networking sites.

What about @Tweetup?

Following the purchase of, Idealab had also acquired the @Tweetup URL, despite Twitter’s TOS that forbids selling Twitter usernames. 

Idealab posted a message on the @Tweetup page earlier today, with the news of the name change to Postup.  However, instead of @Postup, the company has gone with @PostUpInc.

We’ve changed our name to PostUp as we start making some big changes! Please start following us on @PostUpInc for announcements and news.

Interestingly, Idealab chose @PostUpInc for the new company’s twitter username, but hasn’t registered – a name that is still available for hand registration at the time of this story.  While it’s not really necessary to own the name, spending a few bucks to purchase the domain that matches its Twitter username might be a good idea, since some visitors to the company’s Twitter page may type into their web browser.

Domains ending in UP

There have been a number of significant domain sales ending with the keyword “up” in 2010. and, both sold on Sedo in 2010 for about $14,000 each, neither name went to Idealab. 

Instead of creating a separate brand for targeting each social network, Idealab has gone the route of creating a single umbrella brand under Postup. 

As far as other relevant domains that could fit into Idealab’s brand, is a popular job search engine that has appeared in publications such as PC Magazine. 

While is owned by Mike Berkens of