.CO registrations edge closer to half a million domains


The .CO registry tweets @dotco and regularly engages buyers and interested parties through social networking channels including Facebook.

The number of .CO web addresses registered to date has topped 460,000, edging closer to half a million registrations.  According to the registry’s home page (www.cointernet.co), the domain hit 468,435 registrations putting it on pace to surpass half a million web addresses by mid-September 2010.

In late July, .CO registrations passed the 300,000 mark.

The .CO Home Page

The .CO registry regularly credits news outlets and bloggers for coverage of the domain.  And it heavily uses Twitter and Facebook to reach out to .CO owners and interested parties.

The .CO Founders Program, an initiative designed by the .CO Registry to engage early adopters (called “.CO Founders), continues to highlight Founder websites.  

One of the latest additions to be showcased on Opportunity.co includes Professional Makeup Artist Pamela Taylor who set up shop on MakeUpArtist.co.   

At 468,000+ registrations in a few short months, brings it closer to one of it’s domain rivals .US, which according to DailyChanges.com only has 1,743,690 web addresses registered in total.