Group Buying, Dotcom Guru Kevin Ham in the News

Good News Group Buying web site, the group buying startup by Kevin Ham, has gone on a hiring spree in Canada, following the launch of the web site. The company has over 10 jobs to fill, including Marketing Director.

For months Kevin Ham and his crew at Reinvent, have been busy working on the launch of, a group buying web site that connects people online with businesses offering discounts for their products or services. 

Suddenly things are picking up, as the incubator startup is hiring for a variety of jobs ranging from Recruiter to Web Developer to Marketing Director.

And now, the web site startup is getting much needed press coverage in a space that is fast becoming more competitive as new group buying startups launch locally in cities and nationwide. targets consumers in Vancouver, but the web site has plans to expand its’ reach, soon. 

Business In Vancouver

Business in Vancouver (, a web site that publishes local Vancouver business news, analysis and commentary has published a news article about the group buying startup.   The story doesn’t start off by talking about Reinvent, it focuses on Kevin Ham and his success as a domain investor.

This is an excerpt of the full story:

Kevin Ham, the Vancouver businessman who made millions buying and selling website domains, is the latest entrant in the city’s online daily-deal space.

Suddenly, that space is looking crowded.

With the launch of, which is being incubated by Ham’s company Reinvent Inc., there are now at least six websites offering consumers in Vancouver a deal-a-day on products and services at local businesses.

The websites essentially follow the same model: each site sends its subscriber base a daily-deal, which usually ranges from 30% to 90% off of goods or services at a particular Vancouver store.

On July 12 for example, 59 subscribers bought, at half-price, $149 tickets for river rafting with Hyak Wilderness Adventures.

If enough subscribers take up a deal, it is activated.

This isn’t Kevin Ham’s only incubator startup. 

Reinvent launched and, and has plans to launch a new web site every six weeks, building independent businesses out of the company’s portfolio of more than 600,000 domain names.


LOL, Tootsie.  News is News - and Kevin Ham knows how to make it.  If you can point out bigger stories being made by other Domain investors, I would be happy to write about it.  Go to Submit a Tip.


Would you stop kissing Kevin Ham's ass. He hasn't made a dime with these sites. They are fantasies in your imagination. f course you could be working for Kevin. Oh... there I get it.