lands $10,000 bid at Sedo

New York City Lights

In 2008, sold for $40,000 on the aftermarket to the owners of, New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization. The site attracts over 100,000 visitors per month.

The domain name will soon have a new owner after a buyer has placed a $10,000 bid at GreatDomains.   

The bid made met the owner’s reserve price, who has chosen to send the name to public auction, instead of accepting the unsolicited offer outright.  The auction ends on August 14th.

Visit & NYC Domain Names

Domain names with the keywords “Visit” and “NYC” have enjoyed some sizeable offers over the years. 

This past June, sold for $25,350 at Moniker.  The web address re-directs to, an online database that features over 20,000, daily-updated listings of NYC apartments and other type of property rentals.

In 2008, sold for $25,000 in a Private sale.  The domain was purchased by The Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau and Visitors Information Center, who have since set up a website that offers visitors a resource for current Panama City Beach.  The website receives over 60,000 visitors per month. sold for $186,000 in 2004.


Easily worth 4 to 5 times that undeveloped. Developed here's the math: Avg NYC hotel booking is $300/night X 2 Nights = $500-$600. Affiliate commissions are 5%-10%. = $25 minimum / booking. With, I don't see why they can't do 10 such sales a day at minimum = $250/day, $7500/mo, $90,000 a year with just 10 hotel bookings a day. Now scale that up...20, 30, 50, 50, 100 bookings a day? Add in advertising revenue, cross selling other products - tours, broadway etc..


Dirt cheap IMO