Surprising Expired Domain Names:,, the list is definitely interesting expired on 07/30/2010 and is pending renewal

Call it being forgetful or call it lack of interest, admist all the thousands of domain names that expire every day for whatever reason, there are still premium domain names in the bunch that owners still fail to renew that make any investor scratch their head in bewilderment.

Daily Changes, a service of DomainTools that tracks daily changes to COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .US, estimates that over thousands and thousands of domain names delete every day.  57,265 .COM domains deleted just today.  

Of the 6 domains that DomainTools tracks, 84,226 expired, with .BIZ having the fewest new registrations and the fewest deletes.

NameJet has over 300,000 domain names listed for pre-release. 

While some of the names may not be surprising, what with names like, there are premium domains still expiring like, a domain registered since the nineties that appraises for $77,000 according to 

Here are a few of the highlights that are in the pre-release stage: