News rolls out new blog design, one year after the web site launched

Candy, offers more than 6,000 candy products from 500-plus manufacturers to B-to-C and B-to-B customers. has just unveiled an attractive new design for the site’s blog. 

The new blog design based on a custom WordPress theme, was created by Dizzain Inc., ( a New York web design company focusing on custom website development, logo design and WordPress design. 

The company’s portfolio includes blog redesign projects for sites like and

The New Candy Blog

The blog ( incorporates the logo, as well as the same look-and-feel of the main website.  The design is simple, but elegant and also features information about the writer, Sue Gillerlain, the former executive editor of Professional Candy Buyer magazine and a current contributing editor at Candy & Snack TODAY magazine.

About the Domain

In March 2009, Domain Investor Rick Schwartz sold to the Melville Candy Company for $3,000,000 plus revenue share.  In July 2009, cousins Greg Balestrieri and Joe Melville, launched the website, which now ranks first in Google Search for the keyword: candy.

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Many people know that the domain didn’t really sell for $3m. It sold for $0, with a $3m payment to be paid after 3-5 years otherwise Rick gets the domain back. I bet most of his “high profile” deals are structured like this. Remember, the most lucrative sale ever. I’m surprised people worship him but don’t dig into the details.

It takes a lot of visitors buying $4 candy to pay for a $3 million name. Rick is, at best a used car salesman, and at worst a liar. If the name sold for $3 million + Rev, show the contract or the check.

I am glad to see by way of comments that people are starting to question the “shadowy” details that are purposely falsified and obscured to elevate some peoples rankings and reputations in the domain community. I have nothing against legitimate big money sales or those that benefit by it, but at least come clean about it and stop trying to boost your ego and ratings by disclosing false information.

P.S. They did a terrific job on promoting the “Candy” product and brand on this website.

I doupt that 3 million dollars cash has been exchanged for this domain. But at the sane time, even if the deal results in the domain being returned to him if they don’t pay the 3 million he will have a HUGE amount of upside development wise with zero effort.

From the quality of site they have built it appears they are making a real shot at and showing great results thus far. That 3 million dollar price tag plus revenue is steep though…

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