New Service by Domainers Aims to Rent, Not Sell Premium .CO Domains like,,

"Rent your CO"

According to the website's Business Model, Rent Your Co offers a huge .co domain portfolio with more than 300 exclusive premium .co domains to rent.

I discovered “Rent Your .Co” a brand new service for renting premium .co domain names.  I stumbled upon the website when I typed in into my web browser, and the web address re-directed me to

The site’s business model involves re-directing premium .co domains to websites for a fee.  Redireting traffic is one thing when it comes to .COM, but according to several reports by Domainers on who own other premium .co domain names, type-in traffic has been relatively low, despite the similarities to its .COM counterpart.  

Considering .CO availability and awareness is so new to the general public, chances are this model may change over time.  And even though the website states the names are only for RENT, when the right offer comes along, that could certainly change. 

The Rent Your Co Team

The new service aimed at renting premium .CO domains, is made up of a team of Domainers, apparently a small handful based out of Colombia.  But the team of Domainers has assembled an impressive portfolio of category-killing .CO domains that any domain name investor could be envious of.  

The Premium .CO Portfolio, For Rental

The list includes some of the best .CO domains in the world, with more to come as the website promises.  
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dot com is king.  everything else (even .co) is caca