which sold for $450,000 at Moniker, unveils new web site

Board GamesWhile news of Twitter unveiling a new web design is drawing lots of attention, a lesser known web site that made buzz in June 2010 within the Domain Industry after selling for $450,000, also unveiled a new web design –

Currently, is #10 in the highest reported domain sales of 2010, followed closely by,, and

Who Bought 

One on One, a company that is constantly looking for new verticals to enter, acquired the domain. 

If you’re not familiar One on One, they’re a Marketing company that was started from scratch from $2,000 in 2002. Today, according to their web site: “One on One has grown into a crack team of over 60 new and traditional media specialists and online marketing and technology experts who specialize in 7 results-driven marketing services.”

The company’s resume includes:,,,, and more.

An article last month in Purple Pawn, shed some light on the new owners of and plans for the category-killing domain.

How did the acquisition come about? It kind of fell into their lap. A local acquaintance of Nick’s saw the listing and passed it on to Nick, who thought about it and made the offer.

Since acquiring the site, 1on1 has hired an entirely new set of staff to create the business, including people knowledgeable in both the web and game industry. They are working on the site, making deals with distributors, and designing functionality that goes beyond the traditional board game store.

The updated web site still has some sections under construction, but the new design promises to be more social according to the Purple Pawn article, even though the links to’s Facebook and Twitter page are broken.