Voke Entertainment Technologies purchases four letter .COM domain from Frank Schilling


Voke.com will serve as the web site for Voke Entertainment Technologies, which currently displays a landing page with its company name and logo.

Frank Schilling has been posting lists of domain names that interested parties have inquired about on DomainNameSales.com. 
In July, recent inquiries included tastebuds.com, bicker.com, flopping.com, headbutting.com, yodo.com, and more than 200 other domain names, including one four letter .COM domain that was recently reported as sold on Sedo for $35,000.
Which domain name sold?

Although there were a number of great domains to choose from on the list, VOKE.com, a four letter domain, sold for $35,000 – placing the sale price higher than many three letter .COM domain sales, such as XMG.com, SUS.com, UDE.com and dozens of other sales reported in 2010.

VOKE.com was purchased by Voke Entertainment Technologies, a company that incorporated in March 2010. 

About Voke Entertainment Technologies

Based in New York city, the company provides Internet and Software, Internet services, packaged and custom software, web site development, and web site hosting services.

At the time of this story, nothing more than a 1-page web site is online.

VokeEntertainmentTechnologies.com was registered in January by a different registrant who currently parks the domain at GoDaddy. 

VokeEntertainment.com isn’t registered.