Can a Group Buying WordPress Theme turn a Domain Name into the next Groupon?

Group Buying site

Is "Group Buying Site" the first to offer a WordPress theme, that will let the average person create their own Groupon-type website?

Can a WordPress theme transform your group buying domain name into the next Groupon?

Chances are: No. 

But a number of start-ups are springing up all over the internet and taking a gamble, even as the group buying space becomes more and more crowded with each passing day. 

And if you own a geo domain, or have been thinking about launching a group buying web site in your city or town, being able to rapidly build a site could be the motivation you need to give it a shot.

Even Microsoft has entered the group buying market

In Australia, that is.

The startup, named Cudo, launched last week and sees Microsoft, publishing giant PBL and  NineMSN (itself a joint venture between Microsoft and PBL) join forces to try and dominate a local market that has seen a raft of new, but relatively small, group buying startups this year.

The article points out that Cudo wants the number one position in Australia.  But unlike Groupon, which has a global footprint, Cudo doesn’t look to have its sights set worldwide. 

Cudo runs on Not, which is owned by a registrant in China.

Now, if you’ve been looking for a chance to start your own group buying web site without the development costs, a new Premium Theme to the WordPress market just went online this week called Group Buying Site. 

About Group Buying Site

I haven’t evaluated the WordPress theme yet, but the theme that launched this week, appears to be the first of its kind in the Group Buying space. 

The owner of Group Buying Site contacted me via Twitter after the Fusible story titled Group Buying can make starting an online business, low-cost: with Domains and Development

At the time the article was posted in July, surprisingly, there didn’t to be any WordPress themes available to help webmasters launch their own group buying websites quickly. 

But now, one web site claims to finally have the answer: Group Buying Site.

However, before saying the WordPress Theme is worth purchasing, I’ve requested an evaluation copy.  Currently, Group Buying Site has no online demo, just screen shots.

So as soon as I’ve evaluated a copy, I’ll share my findings.

According to Group Buying Site, the Theme and Plug-in allows publishers to:

Create a niche daily deals website, launch a group buying site for your own city, or simply add a deal-of-the-day section to your existing WordPress blog!


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