Finding available Poker keyword domains for starting your own web site: Here’s a list of over 25

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There are not a lot of places to find available domain names.  It’s a fact, finding relevant names that are meaningful can prove to be very difficult in 2010.

You might have your own sources, but a good place to start your search for available domain names that many use, are the hundreds and hundreds of online glossaries — those long lists of specialized words along with their definitions. 

There is a lot of lingo specific to each community, but unless you’re part of that community, you may not realize the keyword’s potential.  The trick, is finding glossaries that haven’t been squeezed by the domain industry.

Online Gambling Glossaries

Online gambling has always been a popular space, not just for investing in domain names, but for those looking to start up a web site.   If you’re committed to starting up a web site, I’ve compiled a list of available domain names based on the Poker Glossary available on’s newly launched site:

I’m not saying they’re good domain names or even worth registering, but they’re available.

Available Poker Domain Names

ace-to-six:  A variant of lowball poker that ranks aces as low, and maintains the high ranking of straights and flushes. Also called “6-4 low” because 6-4-3-2-A unsuited is the best possible hand in ace-to-six lowball games.

Badeucy: An obscure split-pot draw poker game that awards half of the pot to the best Badugi hand, and the other half to the best 2-7 Triple Draw hand.

Betting Structure: The guidelines for all bets placed in a specific game, including forced bets, betting and raising limits – or lack thereof – and raising caps.

Blind off: To force a player to post their blinds in a poker tournament when they are away from the table, or sitting out during hands in which they would normally have posted blinds anyway. Compare to “ante off.”

Bottom dealing: The act of dealing cards from the bottom of the deck for the purpose of changing the outcome of a poker game; a form of cheating.

Bridge order: A ranking system given to suits in order to break a tie in the card game bridge; from highest to lowest: spade, heart, club, diamond. Bridge order is never used to break a tie for the pot in poker (instead the pot is divided), however, in stud games bridge order is utilized to determine the bring-in in the event of identical card rankings.

Chopping the blinds: Only allowable in live cash games, a custom of allowing the small and big blinds to simply reclaim their forced bets if all other players fold.

Crying call: A call made when the player does not believe they have the best hand.

Forced-move: The requirement to be moved from a “feeder” table to the “main table” in a casino, in order to keep the main table full.

Full bet rule: A rule requiring raises to be made in the same amount as the full bet amount; i.e., a $5 bet could only be raised to $10.

Full ring game: A cash game involving seven or more players at the table; as opposed to a “short-handed” (6-max), or “heads-up” poker game.

Hi/Lo split: A variation on a poker game in which the highest and lowest hands are each awarded half of the pot.

Idiot end: The lowest end of a straight that can be beaten by a higher straight in a community card game.

Last to act: The player who will see everyone else make their initial action before having a turn; considered the most advantageous position.

A marker used to keep track of the winner of the previous hand in a kill game.

Limp re-raise: To re-raise a raise after limping into the pot. Same as “backraise.”

Multi-way pot: A pot with multiple players actively vying for it.

Negative expectation: A play in poker that is statistically doomed to lose money over time

One-chip rule: A rule that may be applied in live poker games designating that a call made with a higher denomination of chip will be deemed a call of the previous bet if the player makes no verbal declaration that it is intended to be a raise.

One-ended straight draw: A consecutive four-card straight draw at either the highest or lowest end of the ranks (A-2-3-4 or J-Q-K-A) that requires a card of one specific rank to complete.

Payout structure: The guidelines dictating the percentage of the prize pool that goes to each of the finishing places in a poker tournament.

Qualifying low: A hand that meets the requirements for the low half of a Hi/Lo Split pot, regardless of whether or not it actually wins the low pot.

Rolled up trips: A three-of-a-kind received by a player in the first three cards of a 7 Card Stud hand, with only one of the cards exposed to opponents.

Snapped off: When a bluff gets called.

Starting hand: The cards each player receives in the beginning of a poker game before the first betting round.

Table draw: The means by which players are randomly assigned to tables at the beginning of a poker tournament.

Table selection: Actively utilizing known information in order to choose the most potentially profitable poker table available.

(Glossary terms and definitions provided by


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