Sedo brokers sale of for $40,000 – there is more than one usage of the term “pokies”

Pokie Magic

Today, Sedo posted the sale of for $40,000.

The current registrant is Darren Jackson of Sydney, Australia.  Plans for the domain name are unknown at thie time since the domain name doesn’t resolve at the time of this story, but one possibility are the owners of  From what I’ve learned about “pokies”, it’s quite possible there are plenty of potential buyers in Australia who may have plans for launching an online poker game site.  So, could be a stretch. 

However, is based in the same city as the owner of and the website offers online slot simulations and “pokies” – as they’re called.

What does “pokie” mean?

In case you’re wondering what the term “pokies” means, the term refers to “poker machines” in different parts of the world, like Australia. 

Aside from “poker machines”, “pokies” also refers to certain women’s anatomy poking out of the clothing they are wearing, particulary in cold weather.

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Anyone wanna answer a poll? Will end up being a "celebrity gossip photo" web site - or an online poker site?  Our vote:  online poker site