Calvin Ayre gives interview to Gaming Intelligence, discusses domain

Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre gave an interview to Gaming Intelligence, a site that provides coverage and analysis of the gaming industry. 

The acquisition and development of was one of the topics of the discussion.

A brand new brand

But all that’s for the future. It’s Bodog Europe that is currently receiving a huge injection of cash (presumably from Ayre). Ayre bought the domain name while sitting at a bar in London’s Soho district. It’s his first attempt to woo a non-Bodog crowd.

The official target audience for Slots is “gender-neutral”, which is perhaps the only politically correct phrase that Ayre has uttered in his life. The pink branding suggests that really means girls but that branding may change after the site is fully operational.

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There’s good news though: you can read the full transcript of the article in its entirety over

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