sells for $40,000 at Sedo’s GreatDomains


The domain name has reportedly sold at Sedo GreatDomains for $40,000. 

It appears the previous owner was Patent Attorney, Louis J. Brunoforte, Esq, a lawyer in Tampa, Florida.  Louis runs his own personal web site at

It also appears Louis owns the plural of the domain:, which currently re-directs  to did not change hands according to registrant records.

According to’s WayBack Machine, Louis invested early on in both of these domain names going back to the nineties, and had a web site online for, while has re-directed for over 10 years.

Though $40,000 sounds like a good return, a site that provides free online appraisal calculations, appraises the name at nearly $100,000 ($90K to be exact). appraises for only $37,000.

However, there’s no price that can be put on the amount of business the domain name generated for Louis’ practice over the last 10 years.