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Activision creating a buzz over domain name that contains the word “Murder”

Murder Your Maker

Registered on Nov. 11, 2010, the domain name has been creating a buzz in the gamer community. 

Although the domain is registered under MarkMonitor, the company that helps companies with brand protection, it’s owned by Activision who has been releasing teasers for the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards where the game (which is rumored to be Prototype 2) will be unveiled.

Videogames and domain names

I come across interesting “domain” stories since I’ve started a new blog about military video games over at MilitaryGamer including stories about BuyDomains: here and  here.  But none of the material I’ve come across has been as interesting as the commentary on Activision’s URL.

Bloggers and journalists in the gamer community have been talking about the domain name for weeks, not only because they’ve been guessing at what game is behind the web site, but also because of the use of the word “murder” in the name.

Here’s a look at what Catalin Alexandru, who writes for TFTS had to say:

We don’t get why the word “murder” attracts so much attention. People say they’re going to kill each other all the time, but just try yelling something about murder to your wife in a crowded restaurant. Don’t get us wrong, people will be looking either way, but just say the word “murder” and those stares will gain some heavy implications instantly.

Murder domain names

While the word “murder” in a domain certainly draws attention, publicly reported sales of domain names with the keyword “murder” have not.

According to sales history provided by DomainTools, only a handful of sales have taken place.

Domain Date Sold Price Location Feb 12,2010 $99.00 SnapNames Nov 10,2009 $65.00 SnapNames Jan 8,2009 $150.00 Nov 5,2008 $70.00 Oct 14,2008 $99.00 SnapNames Oct 11,2008 $69.00 SnapNames

The keyword “murder” according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool had about 60,500 exact search last month, globally.

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[…] Activision ran a similar online campaign that began in late 2010, not centered around Moms, but around a somewhat controversial domain name:, which it used to create buzz over its Prototype 2 video game.  The domain name now redirects to  The use of the word ‘murder’ in its marketing campaign drew the attention of many, as I wrote about in December. […]

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