Flippa releases its 2010 Year in Review


Some are skeptical about the sales numbers and auctions over at Flippa, but even the most doubtful have to be impressed with the site’s success in 2010.  Despite a number of failed auctions reported as “Won” like Fiverr clone, Flippa has some pretty good stats to show for the past 12 months.

Flippa, which launched in June 2009, released its year in review Tuesday and the site is growing fast.

How did things look in 2010?

Over 150,000 bids placed.  $21MM worth of websites and domain names sold.  2 million unique visitors.  1.6 million logins.  

Philip Ferreira the President of WebCorp, was one of the site’s biggest users selling off a number of online properties including which sold to

And the company is trying to battle shill bidding and other problems that regularly plague online auction sites.

“…the team suspended or banned over 2,300 user accounts in 2010, primarily for registering duplicate accounts, shill bidding or not following through on a won auction transaction – the types of users the rest of the Flippa community won’t miss.”, writes Andrew Knibbe on the Flippa blog.

Six-figure sales, a bright spot for Flippa

But not all was bad for one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling websites and domains.  The company was involved in a number of high profile six-figure sales, including the sales of:,,,, and  The company issued a press release after selling for $250,000 – but it was the sale of that set a new sales record at Flippa, selling for $400K.

Other high points in 2010 include the sales of,,, and for $30,201.

As Andrew points out, “The precedent set by these terrific websites in 2010 is already looking to continue through 2011 with exciting listings of the likes of,, songbright, and” 

The listing of, could turn out to be a news maker if a deal is struck with NewsCorp, but according to a number of tips I’ve received by readers, the listing of for $3 million is nothing more than a publicity stunt for the website’s eventual launch which is rumored to have people at Sundance 2011.

Read Flippa’s recap of 2010.

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