Dirt.com owner releases website teaser

Five months after purchasing the domain name dirt.com for $100,000 at Go Daddy auctions in Sept. 2010, the buyer who goes by the handle yessman on Flippa, has released a teaser trailer for the website.  Although the owner had put the domain name up for auction on Flippa with a $3,000,0000 reserve … [Read more...]

Octopus.com, one of the oldest registered .com domains, goes up for sale on Flippa for just $20,000

Octopus.com, #46 in the top 100 list of oldest registered .com domains, has just been listed for sale at Flippa.  According to The Next Web's list of the hundred oldest domain names, Octopus.com was registered on November 17, 1986, the same day as Adobe.com, Amd.com, Das.com, Data-io.com, … [Read more...]

Two-letter .com domain AY.com receives $100,000 bid on Flippa in no-reserve auction

A couple weeks ago, domain blogger Mike Berkens over at The Domains wrote about the auction of the two-letter .com domain AY.com at Flippa, after the owner issued a press release announcing the sale.  The auction followed the buzz created by news of Facebook purchasing the domain FB.com for $8.5 … [Read more...]

Flippa releases its 2010 Year in Review

Some are skeptical about the sales numbers and auctions over at Flippa, but even the most doubtful have to be impressed with the site's success in 2010.  Despite a number of failed auctions reported as "Won" like Fiverr clone Zeerk.com, Flippa has some pretty good stats to show for the past 12 … [Read more...]

No luck for Zeerk: Fiverr clone just won’t sell for much on Flippa after owner paid $52,000 in 2010

Fiverr.com, the internet site that lets people sell gigs for $5, has led to a number of clones in its short time online.  Several scripts have also been created for webmasters to clone the popular business model.  But as far as the clone sites that have been springing up on line in recent months, … [Read more...]

Could Dirt.com really sell for $5,000,000 on Flippa? Rumor is NewsCorp is interested

It sounds like a pretty wild rumor, and for now that's all it is.   A reader tipped me off that the owner of Dirt.com, who put the name up for auction on the internet site Flippa for $3MM, might be entertaining a deal with NewsCorp - who is considering selling off its social networking site … [Read more...]

Something fishy about the “Most Active” auction on Flippa bidding at $830,000?

A number of users are voicing their opinion and displeasure on what is the "Most Active" auction currently over at Flippa.  The bidding price, which has topped $800,000 for a website that claims to make thousands monthly by selling iPads and iPhones - is just another indication that some Flippa … [Read more...]

Juggle.com acquires Debate.org from WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira

Juggle.com, the company that builds and creates websites focused on engaging users with quality content, acquired the website Debate.org from WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira.   As reported here, a few weeks ago, Debate.org sold on Flippa for $130,000. Juggle Juggle CEO Stephanie Leffler and … [Read more...]

Domain seller may lose big at Flippa looking for a fast sale

A domain seller at Flippa may lose big on the auction of the domain name Italian.net.  Advertised as a "Premium Domain - Fast Sale - 326,000,000 Results", the owner looks to have acquired the name via Sedo in June 2008 for $15,682.00.  However, the way the auction is going (which closes in an hour), … [Read more...]

Dirt.com owner who put domain up for sale for $3MM on Flippa, unveils web site

In a previous blog post, I reported about the auction of Dirt.com on Flippa for $3MM.   The listing seemed to be fueled by the owner's desire to travel and focus on charity work, after reportedly selling his company.  According to the listing description by the seller Yessman: "I recently sold my … [Read more...]