Two-letter .com domain receives $100,000 bid on Flippa in no-reserve auction

A couple weeks ago, domain blogger Mike Berkens over at The Domains wrote about the auction of the two-letter .com domain at Flippa, after the owner issued a press release announcing the sale. 

The auction followed the buzz created by news of Facebook purchasing the domain for $8.5 million. 

Today, the seller of has issued another slightly different press release, in which he notes that the domain has received 1 bid, for $100,000 in the no-reserve auction which ends 17 days from now, that is, unless the domain sells for the buy-it-now price of $2 million.

Here’s a look at the new press release.

(US NEWS SOURCE) January 31, 2011 – This month, an extremely rare domain name is up for auction on The domain name, “” has a current bid of $100,000, and many domain appraisers feels it’s worth a lot more.

“It could be worth over $1 million if the right entities became interested,” said one domain name appraiser in an email reply. “The value on a domain name as rare as is based solely on what someone is willing to pay for it.”

So far, one bid has been placed on the (Letter – Letter .com) internet property for $100,000. The current owner, who purchased over 2 years ago has set no reserve on the auction.

The auction which can be seen at:—Rare-Premium-2-Letter-Pronounceable-LL-com-Domain-Name is set to end on the night of February 17th, and will sell to the highest bidder, no matter what the price may be.

There are only 676 possible possible combinations on the internet for domain names, so this makes 2-letter domains like extremely rare. So far, according to the current owner, the auction has received over 2,400 views and has been added to 13 different users’ watch lists.

How much will the final sale price be?

“I have no idea,” said Eddie Krassenstein, the current owner. “I feel it is extremely valuable, so we will let the market decide.”

The owner of is heavily marketing the domain name, taking out a number of press releases and even changing the homepage of to plug the auction over at Flippa.

When sells at Flippa, it could be the company’s biggest sale in 2011.  And it could be the site’s all-time top sale to date.  While 2010 had a number of six-figure sales for the marketplace, at $400,000 was the biggest reported sale, confirmed by Flippa.