News, one of the oldest registered .com domains, goes up for sale on Flippa for just $20,000, #46 in the top 100 list of oldest registered .com domains, has just been listed for sale at Flippa

According to The Next Web’s list of the hundred oldest domain names, was registered on November 17, 1986, the same day as,,,,, and

The auction, which has an oddly low reserve price of only $20,000, ends March 5, 2011.

Flippa has placed a minor warning on the listing because the seller has provided estimates for the claimed financials.  Flippa says, “Estimates can hide many issues, such as fluctuating revenues and inconsistent profitability”.

According to Whois records, the registration is privacy marked.

Registrar: DOTSTER
Domain Name: OCTOPUS.COM
Created on: 17-NOV-86
Expires on: 15-OCT-11
Last Updated on: 30-JAN-11

Why is the owner selling?

According the description on Flippa, “We have purchased this site not so long ago for the value of its domain name alone to start major project. We haven’t been able to proceed with our project and so have recently decided to sell this site. The revenue was never of any concern to us since we bought this site for the value of the domain name. We haven’t actually changed anything since we bought it and we think that the previous owners have also not optimized it for revenue at all. However, it does make some little money in Adsense worth $1200 for the last 12 months”.

Readers, does the reserve price seem low to you?

Updated: isn’t the only notable domain to go up for sale this week.  As one reader who goes by “Gnanes” pointed out in the comments, has also been put up for auction, with a reserve price of $3MM or buy-it-now of $14MM.