Dirt.com owner releases website teaser

Five months after purchasing the domain name dirt.com for $100,000 at Go Daddy auctions in Sept. 2010, the buyer who goes by the handle yessman on Flippa, has released a teaser trailer for the website.  Although the owner had put the domain name up for auction on Flippa with a $3,000,0000 reserve … [Read more...]

Could Dirt.com really sell for $5,000,000 on Flippa? Rumor is NewsCorp is interested

It sounds like a pretty wild rumor, and for now that's all it is.   A reader tipped me off that the owner of Dirt.com, who put the name up for auction on the internet site Flippa for $3MM, might be entertaining a deal with NewsCorp - who is considering selling off its social networking site … [Read more...]

Dirt.com owner who put domain up for sale for $3MM on Flippa, unveils web site

In a previous blog post, I reported about the auction of Dirt.com on Flippa for $3MM.   The listing seemed to be fueled by the owner's desire to travel and focus on charity work, after reportedly selling his company.  According to the listing description by the seller Yessman: "I recently sold my … [Read more...]

Purchased for $100,000 in Sept., Dirt.com domain name now up for auction for $3,000,000

Dirt.com, arguably the most brandable domain name available for sale today?  Some investors in the domain community might argue otherwise, but for the owner of Dirt.com, they're arguing: "Dirt.com has unlimited possibilities, and can reach across multiple verticals. Whether you have the next … [Read more...]