News owner who put domain up for sale for $3MM on Flippa, unveils web site

In a previous blog post, I reported about the auction of on Flippa for $3MM.   The listing seemed to be fueled by the owner’s desire to travel and focus on charity work, after reportedly selling his company. 

According to the listing description by the seller Yessman: “I recently sold my Company and have decided to take a hiatus for thirty-six months to travel and focus on Foundation and Charity Work. The recent interest in from buyers throughout the world has peaked my interest in selling the domain versus building the business I had planned for it.” site unveiled

The site was recently a “Coming Soon” page that hinted at a celebrity gossip web site, similar to (a popular celebrity gossip blog with visitors in the hundreds of thousands).  

In the last few days though since the listing on Flippa and my story here, the owner has unveiled a web site on (screen shot above).  The site looks, and sounds somewhat similar to (a property owned by domain development company: First Beat Media).  Only instead of dirt being dished every 5 minutes as it is on, it’ll be served up every 15 minutes on the Dirt site.

Unrealistic Sales Expectations?

The domain was purchased for $100,000 at GoDaddy auctions in September, and the owner is trying to flip it with a buy-it-now price of $5,000,000.

I’m not sure if the owner has unrealistic expectations with the multi million dollar price tag, but according to the discussion thread on Flippa, he even argues that is more valuable than (a domain name that sold in 2000 for $3 million)

Whether the owner is creating buzz for the pre-launch of or whether he truly is headed off to do charity and fundraising, from the angle of a domain investor, it would definitely be amazing to see the name sell for anything in the high six figure or low 7-figure range.

The auction for ends in three months.

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