Dirt.com owner who put domain up for sale for $3MM on Flippa, unveils web site

In a previous blog post, I reported about the auction of Dirt.com on Flippa for $3MM.   The listing seemed to be fueled by the owner's desire to travel and focus on charity work, after reportedly selling his company.  According to the listing description by the seller Yessman: "I recently sold my … [Read more...]

ePark.com expires, expect this domain to be hard-fought at auction

The domain name ePark.com expired on November 13 and is pending renewal or deletion. With an overwhelming amount of domain investors looking for the next best parking solution for undeveloped properties, and companies looking to win their business, ePark.com could be a great brand name for … [Read more...]

Will the sale of Gambling.com even come close to $20MM (its previous sale price)?

Fusible.com was the first blog in the Domain industry to report about the auction of Gambling.com, shortly after reading a tweet sent through Calvin Ayre's web site announcing Media Corp had retained Sedo to sell Gambling.com.  Hours earlier, Media Corp had issued a press release through … [Read more...]

.ME Personal Name Auction Starts Apr. 5, Hundreds of First Names and Surnames (James.me, Paul.me, MORE)

The Personal Name auction starts April 5th and ends between April 12th and April 16th exclusively at NameJet.  The minimun bid price is $150 and all the domains are previously unreleased. Potential buyers have already been placing their bids.  There are some great first names up for sale like … [Read more...]

Never-Before Released .ME Domains at Auction: Wipe.me, Defy.me, Readto.me, Preview.me (more)

The .ME registry held back several premium .ME names and every once in awhile, dozens of the premium names go up for auction.  .ME domains are not for everyone, but they definitely have social appeal and make easy domain hacks since the character extensions can be used to create a phrase like: … [Read more...]

DomainingTips SnapNames Auction Nets $66,295 Falls Short of 6-Figure Goal; Valuate Appraisal $58,145

The auction held by Andrei over at DomainingTips in conjunction with SnapNames netted $66,295.   Here are the results based on the closing numbers that we took a snapshot of. necklace.net $10,145 offended.com $9,075 dullard.com $7,550 hydronicheating.com $7,265 armchair.net … [Read more...]