DomainingTips SnapNames Auction Nets $66,295 Falls Short of 6-Figure Goal; Valuate Appraisal $58,145

auction paddle

The auction held by Andrei over at DomainingTips in conjunction with SnapNames netted $66,295.   Here are the results based on the closing numbers that we took a snapshot of. $10,145 $9,075 $7,550 $7,265 $7,240 $7,240 $4,940 $4,940 $4,940 $1,680 $980 $300

As we wrote about earlier, Andrei has a HUGE project planned and his goal was to raise six figures in cash selling his domain portfolio over at SnapNames.  The auction which just ended minutes ago, had a dozen names meet their reserve.

It should be interesting to see if Andrei will move forward with his plans, considering the auction finished strong, but fell short of his six figure target.  According to, Andrei’s names that did sell finished slightly higher than the appraisal. Appraisal:  $58,145

Here’s the breakdown of Valuate’s appraisals, by domain: $25,000 $7,200 $6,100 $5,500 $4,300 $3,300 $2,200 $2,100 $2,000 $380 $35 $30