Roughly valued at $55,000, expires

Despite the high priced public sales of domain names in 2010, it's still hard to believe the caliber of some domain names that individuals and companies let expire.  This year alone, sold for $131,400, sold for $18,800, sold for $13,100, and sold for … [Read more...]

GreatDomains auction gets underway with some premium names at bargain prices

Have you tuned into the doman name auction in progress over at GreatDomains?  There are some high-priced names like (reserve: $250,000 - 499,999 USD), but there are also some deals to be found on premium domains. is for sale with a reserve range of $1,000 - 4,999 USD.  … [Read more...]

DomainingTips SnapNames Auction Nets $66,295 Falls Short of 6-Figure Goal; Valuate Appraisal $58,145

The auction held by Andrei over at DomainingTips in conjunction with SnapNames netted $66,295.   Here are the results based on the closing numbers that we took a snapshot of. $10,145 $9,075 $7,550 $7,265 … [Read more...]