Best sales year possible for domains in 2011? Another big gambling domain goes up for sale

2011 could be the year gambling domain names hit the mega millions jackpot with properties like already up for sale, which some expect could fetch as much as $20 million (its previous sale price back in 2005).  What looked like a good year in 2010 with the sale of  for $5.5 … [Read more...]

Powered by the popularity of Citizen Journalism, sells at Sedo’s GreatDomains for $40,000

It can't be confirmed until the name transfers to the new registrant, but I'm guessing YouNewsTV a site that lets people share videos, photos and stories has purchased the domain name from Sedo's GreatDomains.  The name is currently in Sedo's Transfer Service. GreatDomains reported … [Read more...]

WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira selling off domain assets on Flippa, to focus on social gaming site

Philip Ferreira the President of WebCorp, which owns and operates online properties like and, is selling off several of his company's assets in order to focus on (a social gaming web site with over 1,000,000 games played).  Philip has decided to use Flippa, the … [Read more...] expires, expect this domain to be hard-fought at auction

The domain name expired on November 13 and is pending renewal or deletion. With an overwhelming amount of domain investors looking for the next best parking solution for undeveloped properties, and companies looking to win their business, could be a great brand name for … [Read more...]

Premium auction at Sedo’s GreatDomains exceeds half a million dollars with 4 days left

With 4 days left of bidding, the latest GreatDomains auction has drawn in over $500,000 in from buyers. There are more than 200 domain names up for sale, including several two-letter domain names that hit the auction block. The two-letter domain name has already topped $80,000 in … [Read more...]

Could Flippa be a better domain name marketplace than SnapNames & Sedo? One auction tells more

The domain name just sold minutes ago for $19,500 at Flippa. sold at SnapNames almost a year ago in January 2010 for $9,075.00  but as sales records show, the name never changed hands. After checking the registrant record, I noticed the domain name had been put up for … [Read more...]

Can He Do It? Trying to Raise Six Figures from Domains, Quickly

Andrei, from, has a HUGE project planned.  Now all he has to do is raise six figures in cash selling his domain portfolio over at SnapNames.  The auction which has a little more than 1 day left, already has nearly $50,000 in bids with only 10 names catching bids so far.  The top … [Read more...]