Premium auction at Sedo’s GreatDomains exceeds half a million dollars with 4 days left

hundred dollar bills

With 4 days left of bidding, the latest GreatDomains auction has drawn in over $500,000 in from buyers.

There are more than 200 domain names up for sale, including several two-letter domain names that hit the auction block.

The two-letter domain name has already topped $80,000 in bidding, while has reached $60,000. 

Both names could sell for a lot more. sold for $125,000 earlier this year in a private transaction, followed by the sale of in August for $100,930.

Additional highlights of the GreatDomains auction, include and bidding at $25,000 each, while the two-number domain name has a current high bid of $54,000.

At this rate, the auction which doesn’t end until December 9, could bring in one of the largest auction totals for GreatDomains in 2010. 

Over 100 of the domain names already have bids.