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MGM Resorts going after typo domains following reversal of online poker policy

Mandalay Bay

According to reports, Nevada may become the first state in the U.S. to offer online gambling, this, following the Department of Justice’s policy reversal on the Wire Act.

Now MGM Resorts International, the Nevada based corporation that owns and operates over a dozen gaming properties in Nevada, has apparently filed a complaint (case number: 1422265) over the typo domains (correct spelling bellagio) and (missing a ‘y’).

The case, which commenced today, was filed with the National Arbitration Forum.

According to WHOIS records for and, both domains are owned by Modern Empire Internet Ltd, a Hong Kong based company that owns over 3,000 domains. 

The names are currently parked with, an internet company that offers parking services for domainers who want to maximize their parking revenues.

Modern Empire Internet Ltd has been the respondent in several domain disputes in the past, including cases that involved popular typos like and, both of which it was ordered to transfer to the complainants.

Because the National Arbitration Forum doesn’t publicly identify complainants on its website until a decision has been issued by a panel, the official complainant isn’t immediately known.

But it’s safe to say MGM Resorts International is the complainant, as they own both and

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Best sales year possible for domains in 2011? Another big gambling domain goes up for sale


2011 could be the year gambling domain names hit the mega millions jackpot with properties like already up for sale, which some expect could fetch as much as $20 million (its previous sale price back in 2005). 

What looked like a good year in 2010 with the sale of  for $5.5 Million, could only be getting better in 2011, as online gambling developments take place in the United States with New Jersey being the first state to license and regulate online gambling. 

Billionaire Calvin Ayre, the buyer of, still hasn’t commented on whether he’ll bid on

But with more options on the market, Bodog Brand could have its sights set on a number of properties. up for sale by Mandalay Media Group

Today, Eric Bianchi of Calvin Ayre’s Tablog is reporting that Costa Bingo and Casino Choice (Mandalay Media Group), have put the domain name up for sale. is the latest name to come on the market, after creators of Costa Bingo and Casino Choice, Mandalay Media Group, put the domain up for sale.

Owners of Mandalay, Richard Skelhorn (pictured) and Alex Holt, said: “The word ‘tournament’ is very descriptive and generates over five million Google searches per month. It could be developed into a very powerful brand in the right hands.”

As far as what it was used for before, the site hosted pay-to-enter video game tournaments for games such as CounterStrike, but Skelhorn and Holt explained that is no longer a viable option.

“We believe that unless a content owner like EA approach it themselves and therefore remove the license fee element we will not see a third party operator again on the scale achieved.”

If you pay a visit to, you’ll be asked to fill out a short form asking for your name, company, email and a message.

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