WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira selling off domain assets on Flippa, to focus on social gaming site


Philip Ferreira the President of WebCorp, which owns and operates online properties like and, is selling off several of his company’s assets in order to focus on (a social gaming web site with over 1,000,000 games played). 

Philip has decided to use Flippa, the marketplace for buying and selling websites, to sell off properties including,,, and  Philip writes in the auction descriptions:

For those of you not familiar with my other listing(s) on Flippa right now, I am the owner of and I am selling my entire portfolio of domains and websites in order to focus on

According to Flippa, the auction for ended on November 25, but failed to meet its reserve price.  The auction ended with 4 bids, with the high bid coming in at $20,000.

WebCorp auctions on Flippa

WebCorp currently has some of the most active auctions on Flippa.

The public auction for, a growing social network website with 1 million page views per month has met its reserve price and is in extended bidding, with the current bid at $66,000 (as of Dec. 7, 2010).  Each time a higher bid is submitted, the auction is extended another four hours on Flippa.  I’ll be posting updates on the auction and final sales price in the comments., a political election voting site, has reached its reserve price with the bidding at $2,100.  The public auction has just under 2 days left before closing.

The final WebCorp auction is for, a Craigslist-like website.  The site was launched this past October and hasn’t generated much revenue (a whopping $4.19 from 2,320 AdSense impressions and 9 clicks, Philip writes), but the auction has received a high bid of $6,100.  However, the auction has yet to meet its reserve price.

UPDATE:  The auction for has closed.  The winning bid came in at $130,000.