.ME Personal Name Auction Starts Apr. 5, Hundreds of First Names and Surnames (,, MORE)

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The Personal Name auction starts April 5th and ends between April 12th and April 16th exclusively at NameJet.  The minimun bid price is $150 and all the domains are previously unreleased.

Potential buyers have already been placing their bids.  There are some great first names up for sale like,,, James,.me, and hundreds more.  Depending on your interest in .me domains, your wallet and your involvement in social networking, this could be your chance to own your first name in a  top level domain. 

You can participate here and get a glimpse of the personal names being auctioned.


Never-Before Released .ME Domains at Auction:,,, (more)

The .ME registry held back several premium .ME names and every once in awhile, dozens of the premium names go up for auction.  .ME domains are not for everyone, but they definitely have social appeal and make easy domain hacks since the character extensions can be used to create a phrase like:  Domainers like Bruce Marler run businesses on .ME.  Even major brands such as WordPress ( and Facebook ( use the extensions to promote their products. 

While every extension has its backers, there certainly seems to be interest in .ME.  Previous sales include ($70,000), ($22,500), ($20,100), ($17,500), ($12,000) and ($10,000). 

While many of those sales sit parked, actually launched a website which is currently in Private Beta called – Real Estate Gone Social.  The sales pitch for the site is:

Show.Me is taking online real estate to the next level! Since we are all different, it’s only natural that we would have different real estate needs. Show.Mm is the first online real estate platform that personalizes your user experience and brings you the answers, connections and tools you need. Even if you are not Internet savvy, Show.Me provides you a step by step guide to taking full control of your real estate activities easily.

Unreleased .ME Domains at Auction
NameJet is holding a .ME auction for domain names that have never been released.  The auction starts February 19th, but you can start bidding now.  Here’s a sample of the names going for auction: