News owner releases website teaser

Five months after purchasing the domain name for $100,000 at Go Daddy auctions in Sept. 2010, the buyer who goes by the handle yessman on Flippa, has released a teaser trailer for the website. 

Although the owner had put the domain name up for auction on Flippa with a $3,000,0000 reserve price so that as he says could “travel and focus on Foundation and Charity Work”, a website was unveiled days later that hinted at a celebrity gossip site.

The domain name is still up for sale at Flippa and yet, construction of the website is still underway. 

I’ve received a number of tips from readers about  One rumor was that NewsCorp might purchase or partner with  Another reader tipped me off that had staff at Sundance trying to get access badges.  

Whatever the case, it’s clear that is using a variety of channels for marketing and has big plans for their celebrity gossip website.

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