WIPO proceedings over BlackberryTablet.com suspended, domain now registered to RIM

Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Last month, Research In Motion filed a complaint with WIPO over BlackberryTablet.com, a domain name that was first registered over 1 year ago on January 24, 2010. 

While details haven’t been released, it appears both parties have reached a settlement.  The case has been suspended at WIPO and as of yesterday, the domain name re-directs to the Playbook Tablet page on the Blackberry web site. 

And, as of Thursday, Feb. 10, the domain name is now registered to Research In Motion Limited according to Whois records.

Although RIM has had to file literally dozens of complaints over the years at WIPO in order to win web addresses that are clearly abusive registrations, the company does own BlackberryPlaybook.com and Playbooktablet.com.  But despite RIM expecting to be a major player in the tablet market, it doesn’t own all the domain names that could potentially help its online marketing even further.  Perhaps the best name for its tablet product, Playbook.com, is operated by Playbook Publications which runs a web site for sports handicapper Marc Lawrence.

The Blackberry Playbook is rumored to be launched some time next month or at the latest, by April.