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New RIM domains hint at BlackBerry 10 apps like Flick, Newsstand, Peek & more

Blackberry 10 Smartphone

Earlier this month, a photo of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone was leaked online that hinted at some new apps.

Now, RIM has registered several domains that likely reveal more about the lineup of apps including Flick, Flow, Hub, Keyboard, Newsstand, Peek, PlayOn, Remember, Story Maker, Time Shift, BBM Video, BBM Voice, and Voice Control.

The leaked photo of the device that surfaced on September 3, showed several apps including Facebook, Pictures, Remember, Maps and Story Maker.  While the photo didn’t offer many details, RIM’s latest round of domain registrations may provide more clues.

On September 14, Research In Motion Limited, bought up dozens of names through the brand protection company MarkMonitor.

The list of domains includes names like (Whois), (Whois), (Whois), (Whois), (Whois), (Whois), (Whois), and (Whois).

The majority of the names were registered publicly to RIM, like

A handful of names like were registered anonymously using MarkMonitor’s Whois privacy service DNStination.

Here’s a look at many of the new registrations:

At the time of this story being published, none of the domain names appear to resolve to a web page.

UPDATE 1 – SEP. 16, 2012:  You may have noticed that was missing from the list.  The name was owned by Kevin Michaluk, the Founder and Editor In Chief of, as recent as July 2012According to Whois history, Research In Motion acquired the name from Michaluk in late July.  It’s unknown whether RIM paid cash for the name or if it was simply handed over. is one of the most trafficked BlackBerry community sites on the internet.  Quantcast reports the site gets over 8 million monthly visitors.  I’ve reached out to Kevin by email to learn more about the transaction and will update this post if I hear back.

UPDATE 2 – SEP. 16, 2012: Kevin Michaluk was nice enough to provide a quick history on the domain in the comments below. You can also read about the domain, along with information on the other names mentioned in this story in a post that was published earlier this evening.

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Research In Motion wins domain dispute over,

BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion will soon be in control of the domain names and, after a single-member arbitration panel with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ordered the names transferred to the device maker.

The dotcom URL has directed users to a Google 404 page for months, which triggered a discussion thread over at where one user joked that it meant that Google was clearly buying RIM.

BlackBerry 10 is the next operating system from RIM for its BlackBerry line of smartphones and tablets and it is expected to launch in 2013.

RIM has a lot riding on BlackBerry 10, so it makes sense as the company ratchets up its marketing strategy, that it owns the matching domains.  In this case, both names were owned by the same person, so RIM was able to file one complaint (WIPO Case D2012-1146).

At the time of this story, continues to send visitors to a Google 404 error page.

Full details of the decision have not yet been published online.

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Research in Motion (RIM) acquires domain name

BlackBerry Spin

It looks like Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) has privately registered the domain name after it recently expired.

On March 25, 2012, the domain name (Whois) was registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor, where other web properties that RIM owns like (Whois) are managed.

As with any domain registration, it may be nothing more than a defensive measure to protect RIM’s intellectual property.  In fact, it may just be a reference to the BlackBerry PIN — the personal identification number assigned to each device.

RIM is also close to launching a new BlackBerry. 

According to Bloomberg, “Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) plans to give software developers prototypes for its new BlackBerry smartphone platform in early May, signaling RIM is a step closer to debuting a handset it’s betting on to lift sales.”

At the time of this story, the domain does not resolve to a web page nor has RIM announced anything about a “BlackBerry Spin” product.

[Updated 4:40pm Est:. It appears RIM acquired other domain names that had expired and were previously owned by the same registrant — LawleyCorp out of Canada.  RIM also got its hands on (Whois) and (Whois).]

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RIM continues domain name buying spree, this time focused on BBM Music

BBM Music service

Research In Motion has officially announced its BBM Music Service and according to This is my next, “users can grow their libraries of available music by connecting with other BBM Music users”.

As with any new product launch at RIM, BBM Music isn’t any different. 

There were several new domain name registrations.  

Unlike before as we saw with the unveiling of new smartphones and batches of 200+ and 500+ new domains registered, this time the company went a bit lighter than usual, registering less than a dozen.

Here’s a look at the company’s latest registrations: 

As of today, Research In Motion doesn’t appear to be the owner of whose registrant is currently hidden behind Moniker’s Whois Privacy service. 

However, even though the company missed out on getting the name first, it may have no problem getting the name rather cheaply if it decides to file a domain dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organziation (WIPO). 

Going back to the mid-2000s, RIM has won dozens and dozens of cases over the blackberry domain including and

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RIM registers nearly 300 domains for BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360, and 9370

Blackberry Curve 9350, 9360, and 9370

Research in Motion always goes big when it comes to domain name registrations that coincide with a new product launch.

This week the company unveiled three new smartphones, the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370.

A day before the announcement was posted to The Official Blackberry Blog, Research in Motion registered nearly 300 new domain names centered around the devices.

The domains are all over the board, ranging from .com, .net, .biz, and .org, to apps domains and hyphenated domains.

Earlier this month when the BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 and the Blackberry Torch 9810 were released, Research in Motion registered over 500 domain names.

The latest group of domains were all registered on August 22. 

You can see the full list here.

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