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RIM continues domain name buying spree, this time focused on BBM Music

BBM Music service

Research In Motion has officially announced its BBM Music Service and according to This is my next, “users can grow their libraries of available music by connecting with other BBM Music users”.

As with any new product launch at RIM, BBM Music isn’t any different. 

There were several new domain name registrations.  

Unlike before as we saw with the unveiling of new smartphones and batches of 200+ and 500+ new domains registered, this time the company went a bit lighter than usual, registering less than a dozen.

Here’s a look at the company’s latest registrations: 

As of today, Research In Motion doesn’t appear to be the owner of whose registrant is currently hidden behind Moniker’s Whois Privacy service. 

However, even though the company missed out on getting the name first, it may have no problem getting the name rather cheaply if it decides to file a domain dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organziation (WIPO). 

Going back to the mid-2000s, RIM has won dozens and dozens of cases over the blackberry domain including and