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    I have a personal view that the lack of a novice-friendly (but choice-supporting) solution to authentication on the web is one of the OpenID Foundation’s greatest opportunities to move OpenID as a technology, a brand and as a concept forward. The vision, the technology and the Foundation behind OpenID is more than just the underlying protocol, but a notion that people should be able to choose who represents them online. It helps solve the NASCAR problem.

    The OIDF Board’s consideration of Google’s contribution of the rights and interests associated with “Account Chooser” has begun with a clarification and broadening of OIDF members and other implementers’ IPR rights associated with Account Chooser. 

    Google’s contribution of its Account Chooser IP to the Foundation is consistent with the OIDF’s mission to standardize the experience of choosing who represents you online, and a open source/open web approach to OpenID adoption in the identity ecosystem.  In this way Account Chooser enables even more innovation in the online identity industry.  That the OpenID Account Chooser from the start is open source code makes it easier to implement a global, standard login experience.  

    The draft charter of the Account Chooser Working Group is posted at