Google unveils Next-gen web sign in with OpenID

Account Chooser

Google joined the OpenID Foundation in 2008, which provides free technology to eliminate the need for multiple user names across the web by using an OpenID.

In late July, Eric Sachs a Product Manager for the Google Security team and the counterpart to Google’s CIO, registered the domain names and 

Google’s Internet Identity Research team has been busy working on this project for months.

This week, the Account Chooser web site quietly went live, as shown in the picture above.  Account Chooser, is an industry technique to improve the user experience for logging into a website. 

“An open standard and user interface guidelines for the next generation of web sign in”, reads the slogan printed across the top of the home page.

According to a blog posted on OpenID’s website this week, “Account Chooser” will be introducted at the “Connect Tech” Summit being held September 12-13, 2011.

Discussion: TechCrunch and Y Combinator