Disputes News WIPO turned over to Twitter, after domain dispute filed back in Dec. ’10

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Back in Dec. 2010, Twitter Inc. filed a case against the owner of the domain with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.  As TechCrunch first reported, the UDRP complaint was the first ever since the company was founded.

The disputed domain is now registered to Twitter Inc, according to the latest Whois information and data provided by DomainTools.  News of the ownership change has not been reported by any other blog or news site.

The web address continues to resolve to a GoDaddy parked page as it had before the UDRP complaint.

The UDRP complaint, case number D2010-2073, is still active with WIPO.  And though no decision has been officially announced by WIPO as of today, the registrant is now Twitter, Inc. 

Will Twitter go after more Twitter domains?

While Twitter hasn’t filed any new cases with WIPO, it’s possible that some degree of precedence has been set on twitter domains. 

Robin Wauters suggested that might be the next disputed domain, but my money is on According to a rough estimate by Compete, receives just as much type-in traffic (often more) than 

And the owner of the domain, even has a For Sale page online suggesting the domain is available for purchase.

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