Purchased for $100,000 in Sept., domain name now up for auction for $3,000,000

dirt, arguably the most brandable domain name available for sale today? 

Some investors in the domain community might argue otherwise, but for the owner of, they’re arguing: “ has unlimited possibilities, and can reach across multiple verticals. Whether you have the next Facebook, next Groupon, next TMZ, next Green or Solar Technology Company, next Wikipedia, or the next big new idea, in the right hands can virtually ensure your success.”

The domain name is now up for sale at Flippa.

And you might not be surprised to learn that the auction has not reached its reserve price of $3,000,000.

It appears the owner of the domain, who purchased it for $100,000 at GoDaddy auctions in September, is putting it up for sale on Flippa with a buy-it-now price of $5,000,000. 

The owner had plans for unveiling a celebrity gossip site, but according to the sales description on Flippa, they’ve had a change of heart:

I recently sold my Company and have decided to take a hiatus for thirty-six months to travel and focus on Foundation and Charity Work. The recent interest in from buyers throughout the world has peaked my interest in selling the domain versus building the business I had planned for it.  If you are interested in owning, or partnering for the next big thing, I am open for discussions.”

Whether it sells or not, the listing is certainly going to attract attention with its high price.  Since being listed yesterday, comments are starting to pour in, and with almost 4 months left in its listing, the thread is sure to become long.  Right now the seller is debating with commenters over which domain name is better: or

As one reader by email points out, could be seeing an uptick in traffic itself, due to the popularity of, a gossip and satire web site with monthly traffic that numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

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Thanks for the article. Interesting auction. I was thinking about putting my own domain, up for auction to try out how well sellers can do with super premium domain names on Flippa. I wasn’t sure whether was a one off fluke or represented genuine Flippa reach into the higher end market. This will be a very interesting trial run of Flippa’s ability to extend into realms that are now dominated by Sedo and Afternic. 

See for a more valuable domain name. sold last year for $2.15 million; eShow sold for $3 million.

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