Next Navigation putting several category-killing domain names up for auction at GreatDomains

feline for $1,000 USD?  Some very highly valued, category-killing domain names are being put up for auction at the next Sedo/GreatDomains auction starting January 20, 2011.  And it looks like Sedo, has one company in particular to thank for making the auction so great – Next Navigation Pty Ltd, the Australian web development and online advertising company.

Among the domain names being offered by Next Navigation include,,,,,, and

Just how much money will Next Navigation make?

The shortlist of names mentioned previously, is valued at over $1 million by, but the auction listings combined have a significantly lower reserve price., which appraises at $840,000 is currently listed with a reserve range  of 5,000 – 9,999 USD., which appraises for $117,000 is only listed with a reserve price range of 1,000 – 4,999 USD, as are names like and

While has a low reserve price, it’s final auction price will be much higher with the bidding action it’s likely to draw.  In 2005, sold for $15,000 at GreatDomains and sold for $22,000, so you know Next Navigation is looking to make a deal.

The company owns hundreds of category-killing domain names, not included in the auction as well.  Names like, and 

It’s unknown why the company is putting up so many names at once, but these kind of reserve prices will certainly attract bidders early, and create some bidding wars right up until the very last minute.

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[…] Dell, so far, might be the only exception in the lot.  The company does own and it redirects the domain to its homepage on  The company which launched its own tablet called “Streak” in 2010, also owns  And if Dell pays attention to the domain aftermarket, it has a chance of getting the generic domain, which has been put up for sale with a reserve price range of 10,000 – 24,999 EUR in the upcoming GreatDomains auction starting January 20th. […]

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