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Proof that Zynga has plans for Rewardville: Trademark application filed in Europe

Zynga Rewardville

Rumor over on Elliot’s Blog is that Zynga, the popular social game development company, purchased the domain name, possibly for a rewards program that was announced back in late November in a Zynga  Press Release.

Being a big fan of Zynga, I did a little digging on the name Rewardville. 

While the domain name, which recently sold through Sedo for $4,500, is privately registered and redirects to as Elliot Silver noted in his story, here’s what I did find out that no other technology site or blog has reported.

Zynga filed for Trademark in Europe for word: Rewardville

In mid-December, Zynga Inc. filed for a European trademark that went unnoticed. 

The trademark application can be found here, by typing the term “rewardville” in the trademark name search field.

Rewardville trademark by Zynga

Though Zynga’s ultimate plans for Rewardville are not known at this time, chances are it’ll end up being an online resource  and directory of rewards programs offered between Zynga and its partners.

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[…] While Zynga doesn’t own the trademark on “ville” and hasn’t filed one yet with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the company looks to be doing whatever it can do to obtain the “ville” trademark.   The company has filed trademarks in Europe first before filing in the United States, as seen with its trademark filing for Rewardville. […]

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