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Zynga goes on record about new iOS game by filing Forestville trademark

Forestville on Facebook

I first broke the news last week about Zynga developing a new “Ville” game after several Forestville domains were privately registered through MarkMonitor, an internet brand protection company Zynga regularly uses.

While I had nothing more to work on than new domain registrations, an anonymous reader sent me a tip that a Facebook page was online, further solidifying my belief that a game was in the works and near launch day.

Shortly after my story ran, accompanied by screen shots and a web address, the page was taken offline. 

Zynga, even with all the proof, made no announcement despite, AllFacebook, and other sites covering my story, so there was still some lingering doubt about the game.

Though Zynga does not officially comment on speculation or rumor, this week it has officially gone on record indirectly, by filing a trademark application (Serial Number: 85487695) for “Forestville” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Here’s a look at the trademark filing.

Forestville trademark

Expect to see a press release from the social gaming giant on “Forestville” soon.

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Small preview of unannounced iOS game by Zynga called Forestville

Forestville by Zynga

Over the weekend, I wrote about Zynga registering several new domain names for a possible up-and-coming game called Forestville, which the company has not yet announced. 

Today, an anonymous reader has tipped me to the fact there is a Facebook page that has been online almost a week, which offers more clues about the game.

The page appears to be legit.

A description of the game published on Facebook reads: “Help Daisy the fox and her furry friends build a fabulous forest habitat! Establish farms and fishing spots for food, decorate with natural wonders, and expand your forest to unlock new species. Play ForestVille from Zynga and create the forest of your dreams!”

While there is no game yet available to download and play, there is a photo album that includes pictures of Daisy the fox.

The web address for the page is:

A message on the Wall reads: “Watch your own forest habitat come to life in ForestVille by Zynga! It’s coming soon to your iOS mobile device!”

[Updated on Dec. 6 at 12:40pm EST:  It appears the URL no longer resolves to a web page, even if you are signed in to Facebook.  I did take a  screenshot of the page before it was taken down.]   

Discussion:, AllFacebook, Gamezebo, Piki Geek and Inside Social Games

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Zynga has plans to launch Forestville, tipped off by domain name registrations

Zynga Forestville

Zynga recently launched Castleville, but now the social gaming giant appears to have plans to launch a new game called Forestville.

This week Zynga registered several domains with the word Forestville in the name like and

All of the names were registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor that Zynga regularly uses to acquire domain names. 

And as I usually point out, though each domain registration is hidden behind MarkMonitor’s WHOIS privacy service ‘DNStinations’, MarkMonitor is in the business of helping Fortune 100 companies protect their brands online.  Zynga’s own is registered with MarkMonitor, as are hundreds of its other domains

So, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Zynga is behind these names.

Interestingly enough, Zynga doesn’t own the prime internet real estate:  The domain is currently home to the Forestville Central School District website out of New York.  But that hasn’t stopped Zynga from registering typos of like (minus a ‘.’) or (minus an ‘l’).

Zynga did manage to get several country domains like, and  A message on the home page of reads, “This domain is registered and protected by MarkMonitor”.

Below is a list of many of the names registered earlier this week.

At the time of this story going online today at 5am EST, Zynga has not made any announcement about the game.  So Forestville becoming a full-fledged game is just speculation until more news emerges from Zynga.

I’ve reached out to the webmaster to see whether they had been contacted about the domain and will update this story if I hear back.

Here’s a look at the WHOIS record for

WHOIS record for

[Update 3 on Dec. 14, 2011: Zynga finally announced the game on it’s blog.]

[Update 2 on Dec. 9, 2011:  Zynga filed a trademark application (Serial Number: 85487695) for “Forestville” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.]

[Update 1 on Dec. 5, 2011 at 4:10pm EST:  It’s official.  There is a Facebook page for Forestville.  The game is headed to iOS, but hasn’t launched as of yet.]

Discussion: Joystiq, AllFacebook, VG247,, Shacknews, GameStar and Gamer Zona

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Zynga: On the hunt for domain names for its next big Facebook or mobile game


As pointed out by blogger Joe Osborne, Zynga is looking for ideas on making its next game.  The survey, which can be found here, asks respondents “What games would you like to play?” 

“We want your input. We’ve got a lot of fun ideas, but we want to know which games you would be most excited to play. Please help us by rating the following game ideas on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 = I love the idea and 1 = I’m not interested at all. Thank you for your feedback!” 

Joe Osborne on wrote, “The game ideas span Hollywood acting and production to acting as a music mogul. But our favorite from the list is absolutely the idea for a pirates game in which players sail the high seas in search of treasure and–gasp!–romance aboard a massive ship.”

Zynga games and domains

If you know anything about Zynga, you know that the company buys domain names on the aftermarket. 

The social gaming giant paid only $400 on Sedo in April 2008 for  But the company also spends thousands, paying $38,225 in June 2010 at Moniker for the domain name  One of the company’s most recent aftermarket purchases for a developed title, was for $4,500.

The company also looks for bargains, with its latest title Empires & Allies, apparently using a web address that was purchased for around $10 last summer.

On Thursday, the company registered several domains, likely as part of a brand protection strategy.  Although hidden by WHOIS privacy the domains were registered through MarkMonitor and include and

This week’s survey gives Zynga and domain enthusiasts a chance to speculate on the next game title.


While and are already taken, Zynga has plenty of options when it comes to thinking up new game titles.  The first question in the survey asked readers how they felt about solving mysteries with friends. 

“Every crime scene tells a story. Become the world’s most famous detective, travel to exotic locations, solve the toughest mysteries and capture the most notorious villains with the help of your friends.”


You guessed it, and are also taken. 

Zynga asked respondents for their thoughts on a game that lets you become a Hollywood VIP. 

“Be a star of the silver screen, produce the next blockbuster, run the industry’s top talent agency and more. Fame, fashion and fun await in the city of angels as you and your friends become Hollywood VIPs.”

While Zynga uses other phrases in its game titles, it’s not known for straying to far from its well recognized brands.  It’s latest take on hangman for the iOS is called Hanging with Friends, but the company also registered back in early May.

There are other teasers in the survey, including one legendary tale of Robin Hood and Maid Marian as you protect the people from the King’s evil henchmen.

Do you own a domain that you think Zynga might want for its next blockbuster game?

Readers: Feel free to share your thoughts on Zynga’s next game based on what you read in the survey.

News Video Games domain starts redirecting to Zynga’s Facebook game

Empires & Allies

I was thinking Zynga had missed another domain name opportunity with their newest combat strategy game Empires and Allies, but I guess I was wrong. 

Shortly after I published my story about the company announcing the launch of the game without the domain, the web address started redirecting to its page on Facebook.

Instead of establising a dedicated website like it has with and, it looks like the official home page for the game will be on Facebook. 

Search Engines

Others are looking to cash in by developing related keyword domains into websites and newsletters that offer tips and updates on the strategy game. and both rank on the first page of Google search engine results for the phrase “Empires & Allies”. 

Surprisingly, both domains were registered months ago in November 2010.

The owner of was creating a history guide of sorts according to the first post, but that’s now changed with the launch of Zynga’s game.  The owner writes in his latest post, “Empires and Allies from Zynga has finally been released, and I’ve been playing it pretty much non-stop since the minute it came out (only with occasional bathroom breaks).  I’ve decided to start a FREE newsletter that will share tips and strategies for the game, as well as updates and notifications of any new guides that are released.”

The webmaster for appears to have known about the Zynga game for awhile, but even without any official news put out by Zynga, the webmaster continued to post articles to ensure the site ranked well in the event the game did lauch.  It seems to have paid off, as the site ranks in the #1 spot even above the official Facebook page.