Zynga goes on record about new iOS game by filing Forestville trademark

I first broke the news last week about Zynga developing a new "Ville" game after several Forestville domains were privately registered through MarkMonitor, an internet brand protection company Zynga regularly uses. While I had nothing more to work on than new domain registrations, an anonymous … [Read more...]

Small preview of unannounced iOS game by Zynga called Forestville

Over the weekend, I wrote about Zynga registering several new domain names for a possible up-and-coming game called Forestville, which the company has not yet announced.  Today, an anonymous reader has tipped me to the fact there is a Facebook page that has been online almost a week, which offers … [Read more...]

Zynga has plans to launch Forestville, tipped off by domain name registrations

Zynga recently launched Castleville, but now the social gaming giant appears to have plans to launch a new game called Forestville. This week Zynga registered several domains with the word Forestville in the name like ForestvillewithFriends.com and ForestvilleZynga.com. All of the names were … [Read more...]

Zynga: On the hunt for domain names for its next big Facebook or mobile game

As pointed out by Games.com blogger Joe Osborne, Zynga is looking for ideas on making its next game.  The survey, which can be found here, asks respondents "What games would you like to play?"  "We want your input. We’ve got a lot of fun ideas, but we want to know which games you would be most … [Read more...]

EmpiresandAllies.com domain starts redirecting to Zynga’s Facebook game

I was thinking Zynga had missed another domain name opportunity with their newest combat strategy game Empires and Allies, but I guess I was wrong.  Shortly after I published my story about the company announcing the launch of the game without the domain, the web … [Read more...]

Zynga goes after ZyngaGiftcards.com and ZyngaWorld.com domain names

Zynga has filed two domain name complaints concerning zyngagiftcards.com and zyngaworld.com with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The complaints were filed today for ZyngaWorld.com and yesterday for ZyngaGiftcards.com.  Zynga's Domain Dispute Track Record Zynga has had … [Read more...]

Threats by Zynga backfire as thousands line up online to play Blingville on Facebook

Recently, it came to light over at TechDirt, a technology news blog, that Zynga sent a cease & desist letter to Blingville LLC, the West Virginia company that runs Blingville, an up and coming Facebook game that is currently in Beta testing. Zynga's threats against the company, which resulted … [Read more...]

Zynga likes to buy unlikely domain names, and social gaming is expected to be a billion-dollar business in 2011

MafiaWars.com, Cityville.com, Rewardville.com, Warstorm.com, YoVille.com:  As reported by Leena Rao of TechCrunch, social gaming is expected to be a billion-dollar business this year.  And those businesses that are getting into the social gaming market will be looking for domain names.  As they … [Read more...]

Elliot’s Blog, Fusible, get credit from AOL’s Games.com for breaking, then confirming Zynga Rewardville story

The bigger technology sites and mainstream blogs often take credit for breaking news stories, even though some of those news stories are on occasion reported by bloggers first.  That's not the case with a recent breaking story that appeared on Domaining.com yesterday, in which Elliot Silver asked … [Read more...]

Proof that Zynga has plans for Rewardville: Trademark application filed in Europe

Rumor over on Elliot's Blog is that Zynga, the popular social game development company, purchased the domain name Rewardville.com, possibly for a rewards program that was announced back in late November in a Zynga  Press Release. Being a big fan of Zynga, I did a little digging on the name … [Read more...]