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Empires & Allies

I was thinking Zynga had missed another domain name opportunity with their newest combat strategy game Empires and Allies, but I guess I was wrong. 

Shortly after I published my story about the company announcing the launch of the game without the domain, the web address started redirecting to its page on Facebook.

Instead of establising a dedicated website like it has with and, it looks like the official home page for the game will be on Facebook. 

Search Engines

Others are looking to cash in by developing related keyword domains into websites and newsletters that offer tips and updates on the strategy game. and both rank on the first page of Google search engine results for the phrase “Empires & Allies”. 

Surprisingly, both domains were registered months ago in November 2010.

The owner of was creating a history guide of sorts according to the first post, but that’s now changed with the launch of Zynga’s game.  The owner writes in his latest post, “Empires and Allies from Zynga has finally been released, and I’ve been playing it pretty much non-stop since the minute it came out (only with occasional bathroom breaks).  I’ve decided to start a FREE newsletter that will share tips and strategies for the game, as well as updates and notifications of any new guides that are released.”

The webmaster for appears to have known about the Zynga game for awhile, but even without any official news put out by Zynga, the webmaster continued to post articles to ensure the site ranked well in the event the game did lauch.  It seems to have paid off, as the site ranks in the #1 spot even above the official Facebook page.

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