Microsoft to launch new publication? Company files trademark for Latinzine

It looks like Microsoft may have something in the works for a new publication, focusing perhaps on Latin America. On January 24, 2012, Microsoft filed a trademark application (Serial Number: 85524272) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for "Latinzine". The goods and services … [Read more...]

Columbia Pictures files dispute over [UPDATED]

Last summer DotWeekly wrote about the domain name selling in a Go Daddy expired domain auction for $22,005 USD.  The first comment made by a reader of the article was that the purchase was a waste of money. "What a waste of money IMO.  That purchase makes no sense unless you own … [Read more...]

Proof that Zynga has plans for Rewardville: Trademark application filed in Europe

Rumor over on Elliot's Blog is that Zynga, the popular social game development company, purchased the domain name, possibly for a rewards program that was announced back in late November in a Zynga  Press Release. Being a big fan of Zynga, I did a little digging on the name … [Read more...]

POLITICO sends cease and desist letter to the owner of domain

The owner of (registered about a year ago) is certainly enjoying some traffic, after receving a "cease and desist" letter from POLITICO.  POLITICO which gets over 2 million visitors per month according to Compete, is an online Political News website. As you can see from the … [Read more...]