Google was buyer of domain

Back in June 2011, DotWeekly editor Jamie Zoch spotted a change in the Whois records of the domain name  Jamie speculated that either Zynga or Google was the buyer of the domain, which was privately registered making it difficult to know the owner's identity. As of today, the buyer is … [Read more...]

Columbia Pictures files dispute over [UPDATED]

Last summer DotWeekly wrote about the domain name selling in a Go Daddy expired domain auction for $22,005 USD.  The first comment made by a reader of the article was that the purchase was a waste of money. "What a waste of money IMO.  That purchase makes no sense unless you own … [Read more...]

MilitaryGamer: After losing out on “Game of the Year”, Activision doesn’t renew domains: [More]

Dotweekly Editor Jamie Zoch wrote an interesting article this week about spying on company domain names using DomainTools.  The story got me thinking about looking at the name servers of companies like Activision so I could post an article on my other blog, I found something … [Read more...]

Owners of domain names seized by ICE, using Twitter to communicate with users

TechCrunch is reporting that many of the owners of the domain names seized by Homeland Security earlier this week because of copyright infringement are now moving their web sites to alternate domain names.  And the owners are using Twitter to get the word out about the "move". Some have already … [Read more...]